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Bella Hadid Was Spotted Wearing Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S

Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S

When: January 21, 2017
Where: Paris, France

Bella Hadid Was Spotted Wearing Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S
There probably isn’t anyone hotter on the fashion scene right now than Bella Hadid. This rising star is seen almost as frequently on the covers of tabloids as she is on runways. The lovely Bella was spotted looking stylish and confident in Paris during the last week of January with Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S. The model appeared to be in the city for a wintertime visit that included a mix of working and shopping. The paparazzi even caught her meeting up with Kendall Jenner to do some partying during her stay in the City of Lights. Bella was spotted wearing a leather jacket as she hit some of her favorite designer shops in Paris on Jan 21. She slicked back her signature dark tresses into a tight ponytail that revealed large hoop earrings and a gem-encrusted choker. Bella hid her famous eyes behind her favorite pair of Celine cat-eye sunglasses. She has been spotted in these gorgeous frames quite frequently throughout the past year. They served as the perfect finishing touch to her black ensemble as she roamed the streets of Paris. It’s hard to deny that Bella Hadid knows how to pull off a look that is just perfect for a Parisian getaway.
Image Via stalkcelebs.com
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Kendall Jenner Wearing Black Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S

Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S

When: January 24, 2017
Where: Paris, France

Kendall Jenner Visits Paris Wearing Black Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S
Kendall Jenner was spotted exploring the streets of Paris on Jan. 24. The beauty had her dark tresses slicked back to show off her enviable features. She wore a gold puffer jacket and sleek black pants as she walked around the City of Lights in a very low-key fashion. One of the ways that Ms. Jenner avoided attracting crowds was by wearing a pair of dark sunglasses. Most fans of the Jenners and the Kardashians already know that members of Kendall’s Hollywood dynasty are extremely loyal to Celine when it comes to sunglasses. Kendall is proving to be just as loyal to this eyewear brand as her older sisters are. She chose to wear Celine frames with a subtle cat-eye design during her time in the city. These sleek, high-fashion Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S helped her to pull off a look that was perfect for a visit to one of the world’s fashion capitals.
Image Via celebmafia.com
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Chrissy Teigan Vacations Wearing Chloe CE 703S

CE 703S

When: January 4, 2017
Where: St. Barts

Chrissy Teigan Vacations in St. Barts Wearing Chloe CE 703S Shades
How does a Hollywood power couple celebrate the start of a new year? You simply have to check out photos of Chrissy Teigan and John Legend enjoying a recent trip to St. Barts with their daughter to know the answer! Chrissy really stole the show by showing off her enviable figure in a gorgeous white top and denim shorts. The supermodel tied her beach-swept hair up in a tight knot above her head after a day of having fun in the sand with her famous husband and daughter. The family even made time to enjoy a luxury cruise around the harbor during their beach adventure. Chrissy kept her cool in the tropical sun with help from some lovely Chloe sunglasses. Her wide frames with teardrop-shaped temples offered a perfect edge to her sweet and simple look. We have a feeling that Chrissy’s decision to get her first look at 2017 from behind stunning Chloe shades means that the supermodel will be showing off this design a lot in the year ahead!
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Alessandra Ambrosio Spends Winter in Ray-Ban RB 3447N

RB 3447N

When: December 31, 2016
Where: Brazil

Alessandra Ambrosio Spends Winter on the Beaches of Brazil in Ray-Ban RB 3447N Glasses
Alessandra Ambrosio is certainly no stranger to bikinis or the Ray-Ban RB 3447N. This former lingerie model showed off the fact that she still loves to wear a two-piece number during a recent trip to Brazil. Photographers caught Alessandra emerging from the waves on a gorgeous beach in Brazil on Jan. 16. Her glowing skin and natural hairstyle proved that this model can look every bit as amazing in real life as she does on the runway. She was wearing a gorgeous peach-colored bikini from her own clothing collection. It was impossible not to notice the way she matched a pair of golden Ray-Ban sunglasses to the color of her swimsuit so perfectly! The great thing about these round frames is that they allowed the model to look totally stylish while rocking a very comfortable and practical pair of sunnies at the beach.
Image Via DailyMail.uk
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Kourtney Kardashian in Fendi 0215/S Sunglasses

Fendi 0215

When: December 23, 2016
Where: USA

Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Spend the Holidays in Fendi 0215/S Sunglasses
Kourtney Kardashian showed the world how Hollywood royalty spends the holidays in Fendi 0215/S Sunglasses when she shared a video on Instagram in December. Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner can both be seen in the video behind the wheel of a classic car outside their famous mother’s home. The ladies are dressed in matching white fluffy coats. In addition, they are both wearing stunning Fendi cat-eye glasses with swirl patterns. Kourtney is wearing the frames in a deliciously decadent red shade. Her sister opted for the playful blue and aqua combination. We’re sure that the Kardashian ladies kept their Fendi frames close at hand when they likely dashed off to a fancy ski resort once their holiday festivities in California were finished. These Kardashian-approved fresh, psychedelic Fendi frames are sure to become what every fashionable lady is looking for in 2017.
Image Via Instagram
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Reese Witherspoon Wearing Tom Ford FT 0336 Glasses

Tom Ford FT 0336 Glasses

When: November 20, 2017
Where: Santa Monica, CA

Reese Witherspoon Does Some Holiday Shopping in Santa Monica Wearing Tom Ford Glasses
Reese Witherspoon looked like the perfect picture of winter in Tom Ford FT 0336 Glasses  as she did some holiday shopping in Santa Monica on Nov. 20 in a fluffy sweater with a very festive snowflake design. The stylish mother of three was likely looking for the perfect presents to surprise her brood with during the holiday season. Reese’s blonde tresses bounced luxuriously over her shoulders as she talked on her phone and balanced shopping bags while darting from store to store. The star brought a touch of Christmas magic to her look with a red purse and red heels. Reese also wore a perfect pair of Tom Ford sunglasses to keep her eyes protected from the bright Santa Monica sun as she shopped on a gorgeous afternoon.
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Lands in Milan Wearing Celine 41077/S

Celine 41077/S

When: December 14, 2016
Where: Milan, Italy

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Lands in Milan Wearing Celine Sunglasses Celine 41077/S
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley turned heads when she arrived at Milan’s airport on Dec. 14 wearing a leather trench coat and knee-high boots and Celine Sunglasses Celine 41077/S. She was dressed all in black as the rolled her luggage through the airport terminal. The supermodel’s golden tresses and refreshed complexion made it hard to believe that she had just stepped off of an international flight moments earlier. Of course, it helps that Rosie was accessorized in a pair of dark Celine 41077/S frames. The large lenses and distinctive metal bridge of her dark frames created the perfect way for the beauty to shield her eyes from camera flashes. She also brought a touch of flair to her outfit with a simple and delicate chain around her neck. Rosie’s airport ensemble definitely sets the standard for what to look like when you touch down in Europe. This busy model undoubtedly had some serious business to tend to while visiting one of the fashion capitals of the world.
Image via Celebmafia.com
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Lea Michele Sports Ray-Ban RB 3025

RB 3025

When: December 3, 2016
Where: Los Angeles, CA

Lea Michele was seen dashing through the airport to catch a flight out of Los Angeles on Dec. 3. Lea’s silky tresses remained perfectly in place as she rushed to catch her flight. The star was dressed in a black ensemble that included a fuzzy coat, black skinny jeans and ankle-high boots. She kept her polished, sophisticated theme going by finishing the look with a black handbag and gold-rimmed Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. Lea’s cold-weather outfit may be a signal that she’s headed to a snowy destination for the holidays. Her choice of Ray-Ban RB 3025 shows that she’s looking forward to enjoying some stylish coverage from the sun that she can have confidence about whether she’s headed for a ski holiday or a weekend of shopping in a major city. The one thing we do know about Lea’s travel plans is that she will look amazing and stylish wherever she chooses to land.
Image Via Gotceleb.com
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Shops in Tom Ford Sunglasses FT 0368

Tom Ford Sunglasses FT 0368

When: June 26, 2016
Where: Beverly Hills, California

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Shops for Groceries in Tom Ford Sunglasses FT 0368
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was a vision in red as she shopped at a Whole Foods store in Beverly Hills in June. The actress and model was photographed doing some shopping in a striking red dress that surely made jaws drop as she passed through the store’s aisles. What is notable is that Ms. Huntington-Whiteley kept her elegant Tom Ford Sunglasses FT 0368 on throughout the duration of her shopping trip. There’s no doubt that she was using her gorgeous cat-eye frames to keep a low profile as photographers lurked around the store. Her gorgeous frames offer a trendy, forward-thinking take on the classic Tom Ford sunglasses that so many of Hollywood’s biggest stars seem to love.
Image via dailymail.co.uk
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Beyoncé Spotted in Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 3447 in Malibu

Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 3447

When: November 28, 2016
Where: Malibu

Beyoncé Spotted in Ray-Ban Shades in Malibu
What does a star like Beyoncé pair with a blouse that costs $1,400? Fans might be surprised to learn that the star showed up at an exclusive eatery in Malibu in early November wearing a very accessible pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 3447 to go with her pricey Zimmermann blouse and large gold earrings. The fact that she paired her frilly and feminine blouse with a very masculine and no-nonsense pair of sunglasses proves that this singing sensation refuses to be put in a box when it comes to fashion. Fans of Beyoncé should definitely consider adding the star’s strong and simple Ray-Ban frames to their lives if they are looking for reliable, quality glasses that don’t require a superstar’s salary.
Image via fashionbombdaily.com
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Emma Stone Arrives in Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 4258

Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 4258

When: November 28, 2016
Where: New York City

Emma Stone Arrives at Good Morning America in Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 4258
Emma Stone certainly looked like the perfect picture of winter style as she arrived on the set of Good Morning America on Nov. 28. Emma dashed through New York City in a beautiful white coat that was embroidered with black accents. The short cut of her flowing dress showed off her long, ivory-colored pins perfectly! Of course, the star’s signature red tresses made her stand out even in the crowded streets of Manhattan. Ms. Stone chose to preserve a hint of anonymity by shielding her eyes in a pair of black Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 4258. She looks ready to take on the city in gorgeous butterfly lenses that are decorated with subtle studs at both corners.
Image via UsMagazine.com
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Hillary Duff Spotted in Dior Wildly Sunglasses

Dior Wildly Sunglasses

When: November 17, 2016
Where: Studio City, CA

Hillary Duff Spotted in Dior Wildly Sunglasses While Running Errands in Studio City

Hillary Duff was photographed running errands and grabbing coffee in Studio City, CA, after returning home from a tropical getaway in the middle of November. The actress showed off an outfit that can only be described as the perfect look to wear as the season transitions from fall to winter. Hillary looked enviably cozy in a knit sweater and sleek black skirt. Of course, what really makes this outfit spectacular is Duff’s selection of accessories. Her mix of a messy bun and cascading earrings really helps her to show offer her status as a glowing member of the young Hollywood crowd. Her wrist is cuffed in trendy gold bracelets. Hillary’s choice of Dior Wildly sunglasses by Christian Dior makes a wild statement! These fun, attention-grabbing sunglasses are what every Hollywood starlet is going crazy for these days.

Image Via JustJared.com
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Reese Witherspoon in Dior Sauvage Sunglasses

Dior Sauvage Sunglasses

When: June 8, 2016
Where: USA

Reese Witherspoon Looks Amazing in Dior Sauvage Sunglasses

Reese Witherspoon rules when it comes to the Hollywood style game. This Southern beauty is known for bringing a touch of simple charm to all her looks. She posed for some photos in June wearing her favorite pieces from her vibrant and upscale fashion label, Draper James. Reese was the epitome of Southern charm as she showed off her blue gingham blouse and perfectly tailored shorts. While Reese now officially has the credentials of being a fashion designer behind her name, she still knows how to spot the best that other labels have to offer. This is especially true when it comes to eyewear. Reese’s fans know that she is a loyal devotee of Dior eyewear. It should come as no surprise that she actually chose to accessorize in Dior frames while showing off her own clothing designs. She chose to wear striking Dior Sauvage sunglasses to bring an edgy, modern look to her innocent and country-inspired clothing ensemble. Reese went for the panther and brown color combination to create a softer look that fit perfectly with her summery outfit.

Image via DailyMail.co.uk
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Alessandra Ambrosio in Tom Ford FT 0248 Sunglasses

tom ford ft 0248

When: October 26, 2016
Where: Los Angeles, CA

Alessandra Ambrosio Runs Errands in Tom Ford FT 0248 Sunglasses

Alessandra Ambrosio can pull off any look. The supermodel was recently seen running errands around Los Angeles in what appeared to be a very comfortable sweater and casual jeans. Alessandra proves that looking casual and comfortable can be done with style if you know how to accessorize the right way. The beauty kept her brunette tresses free and finished off her look with a classic pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. Her choice of FT0248 glasses by Tom Ford is an interesting one because this timeless design is actually one of the rare unisex options available on the market today. Alessadra’s trendy, casual outfit proves that this supermodel can look as amazing running errands in normal clothing as she does when she’s showing off glamorous looks under the bright lights of the fashion runway.

You can’t go wrong with your own pair of Tom Ford FT 0248.

Image Via hawtcelebs.com
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Suki Waterhouse in Fendi 0149 Sunglasses

Fendi 0149

When: September 6, 2016
Where: Venice, Italy

Suki Waterhouse in Fendi 0149 Sunglasses at the Venice Film Festival

Suki Waterhouse has definitely earned her spot as one of the top models in the world. The beauty has been spotted in amazing dresses at just about every party and event you can think of in recent months. Suki’s ability to put together feminine, breezy looks with subtle sharp edges has landed her on the cover of fashion magazines more than a few times. The peach ruffled dress she wore at the Venice Film Festival this past summer solidified her status as a fashion icon. She brilliantly paired stunning black Fendi 0149 sunglasses with her dress to put an edgy spin on what would otherwise be a predictably feminine look. Suki’s cat-eye glasses exemplify everything that’s fresh and current in the eyewear world right now.

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Kourtney Kardashian Enjoys Celine 41377

Celine 41377

When: September 6, 2016
Where: Italy

Kourtney Kardashian Enjoys Italy in Celine Celine 41377 Sunglasses

Kourtney Kardashian spent much of the summer of 2016 showing off just how good she looks these days. The reality star and mogul wasn’t shy about rocking some very sexy swimwear looks while visiting Italy in September. The mother of three turned heads when she wore a black one-piece with mesh cutouts to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. She accessorized with gold bracelets and amazing Celine sunglasses. If you’ve been following the Kardashians, you’ve probably already noticed that the entire family loves Celine eyewear. They are all routinely photographed wearing Celine shades while traveling the world. The sunglasses Kourtney wore during her Italian holiday are particularly stunning because they feature a thick frame that makes it easy to pull off a movie-star look.

Image Via UsMagazine.com
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Amal Clooney Spotted in Gucci 3771 Sunglasses


When: September 21, 2016
Where: New York City

Amal Clooney Spotted in Gucci 3771 Sunglasses in New York City

Amal Clooney does everything right. The high-profile lawyer knows how to dress in a way that balances her smart side with her stylish side. As the wife of George Clooney, she always has to be prepared to look good when the press chases her around with cameras. Amal never fails to put together outfits that are as appropriate in the courtroom as they are on the fashion runway. Amal was spotted wearing a stunning black dress with a red bow on the streets of New York City this past September. While the dress was stunning, it was Amal’s choice of eyewear that really had people talking. She wore cat-eye Gucci frames with subtle rhinestone accents. These Gucci 3771 sunglasses embody everything that the world loves about Amal’s fashion sense. She is proving that you don’t have to give up your love of fashion to be taken seriously.

Image Via PopSugar.com
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Sophia Vergara Sizzles in Tom Ford Sunglasses FT 0008

Tom Ford Sunglasses FT 0008

When: April 6, 2016
Where: USA

Sophia Vergara Sizzles in Tom Ford Sunglasses FT 0008

It certainly doesn’t take much for Sophia Vergara to look amazing. The sizzling actress is known for wearing figure-hugging dresses and killer heels that accentuate her famous figure. In addition, Ms. Vergara definitely knows how to accessorize. She was spotted last spring wearing her favorite Tom Ford sunglasses with a casual outfit that included jeans and a sweater. There’s no doubt that these frames help her to look amazing in between filming scenes for her hit television show, starring in commercials and spending quality time with her famous fiance. These frames are great because they offer tons of coverage in an understated, everyday style that works for everyone. What is Sophia’s secret for being one of the top actresses in Hollywood today? Her choice of sunnies proves that she is definitely one smart woman!

Image Via DailyMail.co.uk
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Miranda Kerr Turns Heads in Celine Sunglasses 41077S

Celine Sunglasses 41077S

When: October 4, 2016
Where: Paris, France

Miranda Kerr Turns Heads in Celine Sunglasses in Paris

Miranda Kerr truly resembled a Parisian flower in bloom as she stepped outside of Hotel Bristol in Paris on Oct. 4 of this year. The model was photographed wearing a stunning floral dress that she combined with a lavender belt and a dark tweed jacket. Ms. Kerr tied her hair back in a sleek design that allowed her to show off the decadent Celine sunglasses she was wearing. These square Celine Sunglasses 41077S flattered the model’s angelic face by creating a striking contract between thick black frames and her soft, feminine features. This style is so unique because it features a top bar and metal bridge that bring an edgy, contemporary dimension to what is already a very forward-thinking shape for frames. Of course, we shouldn’t expect anything less than the most current looks possible whenever Miranda Kerr is seen enjoying an amazing city like Paris.

Image via JustJared.com

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Kourtney Kardashian Wears Chloe Sunglasses CE121S

Chloe Sunglasses CE121S

When: October 9, 2016
Where: Calabasas, CA

Kourtney Kardashian Wears Chloe Frames During Day Out With Family in Calabasas

Kourtney Kardashian was the picture of style as she ran errands around the Kardashian hometown of Calabasas on Oct. 9 sporting a cool, breezy look of the Chloe Sunglasses CE121S. The reality star seemed to be in good spirits as she stepped out with Scott Disick and the couple’s two children. Her outfit consisted of pale ripped denim bottoms and a casual white shirt. She finished off the look with Gucci sneakers and sunglasses by Chloe. Her choice of eyewear is sure to strike envy in the hearts of all women who adore glitzy and contemporary versions of aviator frames. Kourtney’s fresh frames worked perfectly for shielding her eyes from the strong autumn sun and the flashbulbs of photographers. These Chloe sunglasses are definitely the perfect choice for recreating Kourtney’s comfortable outfit for a day out with family or friends.

Image via DailyMail.co.uk
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