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Amal Clooney Spotted in Gucci 3771 Sunglasses

Amal Clooney Spotted in Gucci 3771 Sunglasses in New York City

Amal Clooney does everything right. The high-profile lawyer knows how to dress in a way that balances her smart side with her stylish side. As the wife of George Clooney, she always has to be prepared to look good when the press chases her around with cameras. Amal never fails to put together outfits that are as appropriate in the courtroom as they are on the fashion runway. Amal was spotted wearing a stunning black dress with a red bow on the streets of New York City this past September. While the dress was stunning, it was Amal’s choice of eyewear that really had people talking. She wore cat-eye Gucci frames with subtle rhinestone accents. These Gucci 3771 sunglasses embody everything that the world loves about Amal’s fashion sense. She is proving that you don’t have to give up your love of fashion to be taken seriously.

Image Via PopSugar.com

When: September 21, 2016
Where: New York City

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