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Beyoncé Spotted in Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 3447 in Malibu

Beyoncé Spotted in Ray-Ban Shades in Malibu
What does a star like Beyoncé pair with a blouse that costs $1,400? Fans might be surprised to learn that the star showed up at an exclusive eatery in Malibu in early November wearing a very accessible pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 3447 to go with her pricey Zimmermann blouse and large gold earrings. The fact that she paired her frilly and feminine blouse with a very masculine and no-nonsense pair of sunglasses proves that this singing sensation refuses to be put in a box when it comes to fashion. Fans of Beyoncé should definitely consider adding the star’s strong and simple Ray-Ban frames to their lives if they are looking for reliable, quality glasses that don’t require a superstar’s salary.
Image via fashionbombdaily.com
Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 3447

When: November 28, 2016
Where: Malibu

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