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Blake Lively Looks Lively in Michael Kors MK 5017 Kendall II

Blake Lively Looks Lively in Michael Kors Sunglasses

Fans of Blake Lively already know that the star’s personal sense of style reveals her to be a summer girl at heart. Blake is always pulling off a whimsical, windswept look just perfectly. The star showed up in New York City at the end of February wearing what was destined to become the hottest eyewear style for the year ahead. The Michael Kors MK 5017 Kendall II design allows Ms. Lively to show off her sunny, carefree personality in a stylish way. These glasses are great because they manage to be versatile and understated without being boring. We just know that Ms. Lively was probably wearing these great sunglasses on a sunny beach as soon as she jetted out of the Big Apple.

MK 5017 Kendall II

When: February 17, 2016
Where: New York City

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MK 5017 Kendall II

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