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Alessandra Ambrosio Spends Winter in Ray-Ban RB 3447N

RB 3447N

When: December 31, 2016
Where: Brazil

Alessandra Ambrosio Spends Winter on the Beaches of Brazil in Ray-Ban RB 3447N Glasses
Alessandra Ambrosio is certainly no stranger to bikinis or the Ray-Ban RB 3447N. This former lingerie model showed off the fact that she still loves to wear a two-piece number during a recent trip to Brazil. Photographers caught Alessandra emerging from the waves on a gorgeous beach in Brazil on Jan. 16. Her glowing skin and natural hairstyle proved that this model can look every bit as amazing in real life as she does on the runway. She was wearing a gorgeous peach-colored bikini from her own clothing collection. It was impossible not to notice the way she matched a pair of golden Ray-Ban sunglasses to the color of her swimsuit so perfectly! The great thing about these round frames is that they allowed the model to look totally stylish while rocking a very comfortable and practical pair of sunnies at the beach.
Image Via DailyMail.uk
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Alessandra Ambrosio in Tom Ford FT 0248 Sunglasses

tom ford ft 0248

When: October 26, 2016
Where: Los Angeles, CA

Alessandra Ambrosio Runs Errands in Tom Ford FT 0248 Sunglasses

Alessandra Ambrosio can pull off any look. The supermodel was recently seen running errands around Los Angeles in what appeared to be a very comfortable sweater and casual jeans. Alessandra proves that looking casual and comfortable can be done with style if you know how to accessorize the right way. The beauty kept her brunette tresses free and finished off her look with a classic pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. Her choice of FT0248 glasses by Tom Ford is an interesting one because this timeless design is actually one of the rare unisex options available on the market today. Alessadra’s trendy, casual outfit proves that this supermodel can look as amazing running errands in normal clothing as she does when she’s showing off glamorous looks under the bright lights of the fashion runway.

You can’t go wrong with your own pair of Tom Ford FT 0248.

Image Via hawtcelebs.com
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Amal Clooney Spotted in Gucci 3771 Sunglasses


When: September 21, 2016
Where: New York City

Amal Clooney Spotted in Gucci 3771 Sunglasses in New York City

Amal Clooney does everything right. The high-profile lawyer knows how to dress in a way that balances her smart side with her stylish side. As the wife of George Clooney, she always has to be prepared to look good when the press chases her around with cameras. Amal never fails to put together outfits that are as appropriate in the courtroom as they are on the fashion runway. Amal was spotted wearing a stunning black dress with a red bow on the streets of New York City this past September. While the dress was stunning, it was Amal’s choice of eyewear that really had people talking. She wore cat-eye Gucci frames with subtle rhinestone accents. These Gucci 3771 sunglasses embody everything that the world loves about Amal’s fashion sense. She is proving that you don’t have to give up your love of fashion to be taken seriously.

Image Via PopSugar.com
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Alessandra Ambrosio Wears Celine 41371/S Sunglasses

Celine Sunglasses Celine 41371/S

When: April 1, 2016
Where: Brentwood

What kind of sunglasses do supermodels wear when they’re taking some time off from the runway to live ordinary lives? Alessandra Ambrosio’s casual workout look proves that the spirit of the runway never leaves a truly stylish woman. Alessandra Ambrosio chose to stylishly shield her eyes from the sun as she popped out of a yoga class last April. The stunning model was spotted in Brentwood, California, showing off her favorite pair of Celine sunglasses while she tucked a yoga mat under her arm. It’s easy to admire the way she paired these striking glasses with an eclectic, comfy outfit during her workout. The sparkly embellishments at the temples of her Celine 41371 shades definitely brought a dash of glamour to the supermodel’s sporty, casual outfit. It looks like Ms. Ambrosio has fallen in love with this style in the dark havana/grey green option.

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Amy Adams Spotted Wearing Tiffany TF 4043B Sunglasses

amy adams tiffany sunglasses


Hollywood actress Amy Adams was seen here wearing Tiffany & Co.’s TF 4043B sunglasses. Amy is most well-known recently for her role in American Hustle, as well as being a Golden Globe winner and Oscar and Academy Award nominee. These glasses are easily identifiable by the Tiffany “key” that can be seen on each temple.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Amy Adams loves her Prada PR 18MS Sunglasses


When: September 7, 2011

Amy Adams is best known for her breakout role in the Disney film Enchanted, which also starred leading male actors Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden. Other films under her belt include the Oscar winning The Fighter and the Oscar nominated Catch Me If You Can. Currently Adams can be seen filming her role of Lois Lane in the movie Man of Steel. With such a stellar track record of hit films under her belt, its no wonder Adams needs the help of her Prada PR 18MS Sunglasses to hide from the paparazzi.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Alex Rodriguez rocking his Ray Ban RB3025 Large Aviator Sunglasses


When: March 15, 2011

Each year for about 162 regular season games, Alex Rodriguez mans an important piece of sports real estate. As third basemen for the New York Yankees, Rodriguez has been an integral part of the Yankees success defensively as well as offensively. A-Rod definitely hit a grand slam style wise with his Ray Ban RB3025 Large Aviator Sunglasses shown here in black/crystal green (available in polarized and non-polarized lenses).

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Alicia Keys wearing her Versace 4114 Sunglasses


When: December 23rd, 2010

New mom to Egypt Dean, Alicia Keys has her hands full juggling motherhood and her career. As the celebrity ambassador to her charity Keep a Child Alive Alicia was behind the digital death of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Usher and Lady Gaga . Seen here wearing these gorgeous Versace Sunglasses Keys will remain a fashionable force to be reckon with.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Ashley Greene, one of the “World’s Most Beautiful Women of 2010″ wears Prada PR 04MS


When: July 13th, 2010

Named by People Magazine one of the “World’s Most Beautiful Women of 2010″, Ashley Greene is back to the big screen as “Alice Cullen” in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Greene has been busy in 2010 with movies, magazine covers and advertisement campaigns. The Prada PR 04MS is a great choice to add style and elegance to her busy schedule. The bead detailing down the temple is simply gorgeous and its stylish oversize lenses make these sunglasses frame a must have!

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Actor Gerard Butler Wearing Marc Jacobs 217


When: August 7, 2009

Gerard Butler is undeniably one of of the most stylish men in Hollywood today. He was recently seen sporting the Marc Jacobs MJ217, which are a great testament to his amazing fashion sense. These aviator style sunglasses work great for both men and women, and come in five different color options, allowing everyone to express their own fashionable side. Don’t miss out on these amazing frames!

*NOTE: We are sorry to say that this frame is no longer available.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Ashlee Simpson wears Marc Jacobs 016/S


When: February 6, 2009

Finally Ashlee Simpson has gotten it right with these Marc Jacobs 016/S in Shiny Gold. She still has a bizarre penchant for those knitted hat things, though. Here she was photographed while shopping in Los Angeles and wearing these sunglasses seem to be the perfect accessory for that task! *NOTE: We are sorry to say that this frame is no longer available.

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