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Bella Hadid Was Spotted Wearing Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S

Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S

When: January 21, 2017
Where: Paris, France

Bella Hadid Was Spotted Wearing Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S
There probably isn’t anyone hotter on the fashion scene right now than Bella Hadid. This rising star is seen almost as frequently on the covers of tabloids as she is on runways. The lovely Bella was spotted looking stylish and confident in Paris during the last week of January with Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S. The model appeared to be in the city for a wintertime visit that included a mix of working and shopping. The paparazzi even caught her meeting up with Kendall Jenner to do some partying during her stay in the City of Lights. Bella was spotted wearing a leather jacket as she hit some of her favorite designer shops in Paris on Jan 21. She slicked back her signature dark tresses into a tight ponytail that revealed large hoop earrings and a gem-encrusted choker. Bella hid her famous eyes behind her favorite pair of Celine cat-eye sunglasses. She has been spotted in these gorgeous frames quite frequently throughout the past year. They served as the perfect finishing touch to her black ensemble as she roamed the streets of Paris. It’s hard to deny that Bella Hadid knows how to pull off a look that is just perfect for a Parisian getaway.
Image Via stalkcelebs.com
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Beyoncé Spotted in Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 3447 in Malibu

Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 3447

When: November 28, 2016
Where: Malibu

Beyoncé Spotted in Ray-Ban Shades in Malibu
What does a star like Beyoncé pair with a blouse that costs $1,400? Fans might be surprised to learn that the star showed up at an exclusive eatery in Malibu in early November wearing a very accessible pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses RB 3447 to go with her pricey Zimmermann blouse and large gold earrings. The fact that she paired her frilly and feminine blouse with a very masculine and no-nonsense pair of sunglasses proves that this singing sensation refuses to be put in a box when it comes to fashion. Fans of Beyoncé should definitely consider adding the star’s strong and simple Ray-Ban frames to their lives if they are looking for reliable, quality glasses that don’t require a superstar’s salary.
Image via fashionbombdaily.com
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Brad Pitt Wore Tom Ford Sunglasses FT0236 in France

Tom Ford Sunglasses FT0236

When: June 18, 2016
Where: Le Mans, France

Brad Pitt Wore Tom Ford Sunglasses in France

Brad Pitt always shows up to events looking like a superstar no matter what he’s wearing. However, he solidifies his status as a Hollywood heartthrob every time he shows up in delicious Tom Ford sunglasses. Brad actually wears shades by Tom Ford quite frequently when making pubic appearances and enjoying personal time. He sure did heat things up on the track this past June when showed up for a race at Le Mans in France wearing these striking Tom Ford Sunglasses FT0236. Who knew the handsome and accomplished actor also has a love of racing? These cool shades offer a streamlined look that is just perfect for a man who has a passion for adventure and international travel.

Image Via JustJared
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Blake Lively Looks Lively in Michael Kors MK 5017 Kendall II

MK 5017 Kendall II

When: February 17, 2016
Where: New York City

Blake Lively Looks Lively in Michael Kors Sunglasses

Fans of Blake Lively already know that the star’s personal sense of style reveals her to be a summer girl at heart. Blake is always pulling off a whimsical, windswept look just perfectly. The star showed up in New York City at the end of February wearing what was destined to become the hottest eyewear style for the year ahead. The Michael Kors MK 5017 Kendall II design allows Ms. Lively to show off her sunny, carefree personality in a stylish way. These glasses are great because they manage to be versatile and understated without being boring. We just know that Ms. Lively was probably wearing these great sunglasses on a sunny beach as soon as she jetted out of the Big Apple.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Brad Pitt spotted in his Custom Tom Ford FT 5178 Glasses


When: June 2, 2011

As one half of Brangelina, the world’s most famous mobile couple, Brad Pitt is constantly jet-setting all over the globe. More recently Pitt was spotted in Cannes promoting his new film, The Tree of Life, which won the coveted Palme d’Or (the highest award bestowed upon the director of the best feature film of the Cannes International Film Festival ). Seen here in his custom havana Tom Ford FT 5178 frames, originally designed as prescription eyeglasses but turned into sunglasses by Brad.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Brad Pitt: Class and Sophistication says it all with his Tom Ford 0132/S


When: August 25th, 2010

Named Sexiest Man Alive twice by People Magazine in his lifetime, we can see why. Brad Pitt is known for his roles in several movies, including The Inglorious Bastards and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. When he is not filming, he is busy being the father to his six children. Despite his busy schedule, Brad Pitt knows how to fix up his look in no time. Pictured here wearing the Tom Ford 0132/S Sunglasses, Pitt definitely knows how to wear these frames. Featuring a new take on the classic aviator style, this frame will add class to any outfit.

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Sofia Vergara: beauty, fashion and style in her Valentino 5622/S


When: July 30th, 2010

Discovered while walking on a beach in Colombia, Sofia Vergara started her modeling and acting career at a young age to help support her Mom and siblings. From tv commercials to famous movies and TV shows like Baywatch, Entourage, Dancing with the Stars and Modern Family, Sofia Vergara has shown love for her career and respect for her Latin roots. Beauty meets fashion: Sofia Vergara wears her Valentino 5622/S, oversized lenses and a uniquely braided temple design adds style and elegance to her daily routine.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Brad Pitt in Tom Ford Hunter


When: January 9, 2009

Brad Pitt completed his Hollywood look with these classy Tom Ford Hunter sunglasses in gold 772. This is a nice simple sharp style with its aviator inspired frame and smooth round Tom Ford details. These sunglasses are hard to pass up because they will be hot for seasons to come!

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Brad Pitt in Marc Jacobs 215U/S


When: January 9, 2009

We all know Hollywood’s acclaimed actor and film producer can do no harm, and he is especially doing no harm but good in these Marc Jacobs 215U/S sunglasses in black/light gold. Brad Pitt known for his rugged good looks, is showing us the newest, hottest style of sunglasses that feature oversized lens and elegantly thin temples. These frames are too hard to resist! *NOTE: We are sorry to say that this frame is no longer available.

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