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Kendall Jenner Wearing Black Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S

Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S

When: January 24, 2017
Where: Paris, France

Kendall Jenner Visits Paris Wearing Black Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S
Kendall Jenner was spotted exploring the streets of Paris on Jan. 24. The beauty had her dark tresses slicked back to show off her enviable features. She wore a gold puffer jacket and sleek black pants as she walked around the City of Lights in a very low-key fashion. One of the ways that Ms. Jenner avoided attracting crowds was by wearing a pair of dark sunglasses. Most fans of the Jenners and the Kardashians already know that members of Kendall’s Hollywood dynasty are extremely loyal to Celine when it comes to sunglasses. Kendall is proving to be just as loyal to this eyewear brand as her older sisters are. She chose to wear Celine frames with a subtle cat-eye design during her time in the city. These sleek, high-fashion Celine Sunglasses Celine 41399/S helped her to pull off a look that was perfect for a visit to one of the world’s fashion capitals.
Image Via celebmafia.com
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Kourtney Kardashian in Fendi 0215/S Sunglasses

Fendi 0215

When: December 23, 2016
Where: USA

Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Spend the Holidays in Fendi 0215/S Sunglasses
Kourtney Kardashian showed the world how Hollywood royalty spends the holidays in Fendi 0215/S Sunglasses when she shared a video on Instagram in December. Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner can both be seen in the video behind the wheel of a classic car outside their famous mother’s home. The ladies are dressed in matching white fluffy coats. In addition, they are both wearing stunning Fendi cat-eye glasses with swirl patterns. Kourtney is wearing the frames in a deliciously decadent red shade. Her sister opted for the playful blue and aqua combination. We’re sure that the Kardashian ladies kept their Fendi frames close at hand when they likely dashed off to a fancy ski resort once their holiday festivities in California were finished. These Kardashian-approved fresh, psychedelic Fendi frames are sure to become what every fashionable lady is looking for in 2017.
Image Via Instagram
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Kourtney Kardashian Enjoys Celine 41377

Celine 41377

When: September 6, 2016
Where: Italy

Kourtney Kardashian Enjoys Italy in Celine Celine 41377 Sunglasses

Kourtney Kardashian spent much of the summer of 2016 showing off just how good she looks these days. The reality star and mogul wasn’t shy about rocking some very sexy swimwear looks while visiting Italy in September. The mother of three turned heads when she wore a black one-piece with mesh cutouts to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. She accessorized with gold bracelets and amazing Celine sunglasses. If you’ve been following the Kardashians, you’ve probably already noticed that the entire family loves Celine eyewear. They are all routinely photographed wearing Celine shades while traveling the world. The sunglasses Kourtney wore during her Italian holiday are particularly stunning because they feature a thick frame that makes it easy to pull off a movie-star look.

Image Via UsMagazine.com
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Kourtney Kardashian Wears Chloe Sunglasses CE121S

Chloe Sunglasses CE121S

When: October 9, 2016
Where: Calabasas, CA

Kourtney Kardashian Wears Chloe Frames During Day Out With Family in Calabasas

Kourtney Kardashian was the picture of style as she ran errands around the Kardashian hometown of Calabasas on Oct. 9 sporting a cool, breezy look of the Chloe Sunglasses CE121S. The reality star seemed to be in good spirits as she stepped out with Scott Disick and the couple’s two children. Her outfit consisted of pale ripped denim bottoms and a casual white shirt. She finished off the look with Gucci sneakers and sunglasses by Chloe. Her choice of eyewear is sure to strike envy in the hearts of all women who adore glitzy and contemporary versions of aviator frames. Kourtney’s fresh frames worked perfectly for shielding her eyes from the strong autumn sun and the flashbulbs of photographers. These Chloe sunglasses are definitely the perfect choice for recreating Kourtney’s comfortable outfit for a day out with family or friends.

Image via DailyMail.co.uk
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Kate Middleton Shined in Ray-Ban Glasses

ray-ban glasses rb 4195

When: April 3, 2016
Where: India

Kate Middleton Shined in Ray-Ban Glasses During India Trip

Kate Middleton made history when she visited India in April of 2016. Of course, most of the headlines chronicling the trip were focused around what Kate was wearing as she toured the jewels of India. One accessory that accompanied the royal icon throughout her trip was a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. She chose to look stylish and casual in the brown/brown gradient combo of these modern wayfarer frames. These frames offered Kate a way to be comfortable while protecting her eyes from the strong sun she encountered as she toured outdoor landmarks. The fact that Kate chose to shield her eyes in this design during her historic whirlwind tour of India is sure to set off a frenzy among women looking to accessorize in glasses that are fit for a princesses.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Katy Perry shines in her Prada PR19MS Sunglasses


When: July 13, 2011

Ever since the debut of her first smash hit single, I Kissed a Girl back in 2008, Katy Perry has been lighting up the radio airwaves with hit after hit. Her latest single released just in time to be a summer 2011 hit, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) features everyone from legendary jazz musician Kenny G to internet sensation Rebecca Black. Here Perry aka Mrs. Russell Brand can be seen in her Prada PR19MS Sunglasses.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Katie Holmes wearing her Prada PR05NS Sunglasses


When: March 29, 2011

Katie Holmes, mother to the adorable Suri Cruise and wife to movie star Tom Cruise is keeping herself busy juggling her budding fashion and movie career. While taking a break filming Jack and Jill, her new comedy staring Adam Sandler, Holmes was seen on set visiting her husband during filming of the popular Mission Impossible movie series. Holmes can be seen here in a unique stylish Prada PR05NS Sunglasses in Black.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Kanye West sporting his Gucci 1627/S Sunglasses


When: March 22, 2011

You never know what Kanye West will wear or say next. Always an interesting individual to follow on Twitter Kanye constantly keeps his fans entertained and guessing on what will come next. Here he can be seen in his Gucci 1627/S Sunglasses in Havana.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Ke$ha looking stylish in her Fendi Sun 5019


When: February 4, 2010

Ke$ha’s number one hit Tik Tok has been blowing up the billboard charts as of late, and her style is just as infectious as her smoking hot single. The Fendi Sun 5019 Designer Sunglasses that she is rocking these days are the perfect compliment to anyone trying to achieve that super cool and confident style Ke$ha is now known for. Check out these fabulous sunglasses in a variety of different color options!

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Kate Winslet Wearing Versace4159B in Black


When: February 12, 2009

Kate Winslet is seen being escorted through Los Angeles International Airport and to avoid paparazzi she chose these ever so stylish Versace 4159B in Shiny Black. This Oscar contender is not shy on screen, but getting around any city, she uses these chic wrap around Versace frames to conceal her glamorous lifestyle!

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Katherine Heigl wearing Jee Vice Red Hot’s


When: December 22, 2008

These Jee Vice Red Hot’s are starting to become a regular for the Hollywood set! Katherine Heigl, the star of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ is becoming quite a celebrity to watch in terms of her fabulous fashion choices. Seen in the brown fade Red Hot’s by Jee Vice, her look is screaming glamor and we can all agree these sunglasses are the perfect aide for looking so good!

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Kim Kardashian in her Jee Vice Red Hot’s


When: November 17th, 2008

Kim Kardashian sporting her Jee Vice Red Hot’s around Hollywood. Always touting the newest and best in fashion, Kim looks stylish in her Red Hot’s, and so can you! See Product Details

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Kobe Bryant sporting his Gucci 1827/S Sunglasses


When: January, 21st, 2011

A fan favorite of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant has lead his team to 5 NBA Championship wins. When off the court Kobe can be seen donating his time as a celebrity ambassador to charities such as After-School All -Stars. Here Kobe is seen wearing his Gucci 1827/S shades in Gold.

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