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Suki Waterhouse in Fendi 0149 Sunglasses

Fendi 0149

When: September 6, 2016
Where: Venice, Italy

Suki Waterhouse in Fendi 0149 Sunglasses at the Venice Film Festival

Suki Waterhouse has definitely earned her spot as one of the top models in the world. The beauty has been spotted in amazing dresses at just about every party and event you can think of in recent months. Suki’s ability to put together feminine, breezy looks with subtle sharp edges has landed her on the cover of fashion magazines more than a few times. The peach ruffled dress she wore at the Venice Film Festival this past summer solidified her status as a fashion icon. She brilliantly paired stunning black Fendi 0149 sunglasses with her dress to put an edgy spin on what would otherwise be a predictably feminine look. Suki’s cat-eye glasses exemplify everything that’s fresh and current in the eyewear world right now.

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Sophia Vergara Sizzles in Tom Ford Sunglasses FT 0008

Tom Ford Sunglasses FT 0008

When: April 6, 2016
Where: USA

Sophia Vergara Sizzles in Tom Ford Sunglasses FT 0008

It certainly doesn’t take much for Sophia Vergara to look amazing. The sizzling actress is known for wearing figure-hugging dresses and killer heels that accentuate her famous figure. In addition, Ms. Vergara definitely knows how to accessorize. She was spotted last spring wearing her favorite Tom Ford sunglasses with a casual outfit that included jeans and a sweater. There’s no doubt that these frames help her to look amazing in between filming scenes for her hit television show, starring in commercials and spending quality time with her famous fiance. These frames are great because they offer tons of coverage in an understated, everyday style that works for everyone. What is Sophia’s secret for being one of the top actresses in Hollywood today? Her choice of sunnies proves that she is definitely one smart woman!

Image Via DailyMail.co.uk
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Selena Gomez Jet Sets in Christian Dior Reflected/S

Christian Dior Reflected/S

When: March 8, 2016
Where: Paris, France

Selena Gomez Jets From Hollywood to Paris in Christian Dior Sunglasses Dior Reflected/S

Selena Gomez got her Dior on when she jetted from Los Angeles International Airport to Paris this spring. The stylish songbird visited the City of Lights in March to check out some runway shows. Selena brought a touch of glamour to her ravishing red jogging suit by slipping a pair of Christian Dior Reflected/S in black metallic over her eyes. These are the perfect sunglasses to transition her from the sunny streets of posh Los Angeles to the sophisticated runways of Paris. The raven-haired beauty looked flawless and confident as she strutted past paparazzi lenses and screaming fans to continue with her travel plans. Ms. Gomez is proving that her sense of fashion is as finely tuned as her famous voice.

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Sofia Vergara looks gorgeous in her Jimmy Choo Mini JJ/S Sunglasses



Modern Family star Sofia Vergara can be seen all over our television and big screen these days. From her role on the hit ABC show and her Diet Pepsi commerical to her role in New Years Eve which features an All-Star movie cast, Vergara’s comedic chops are on full display. Here Vergara can be seen wearing the popular Jimmy Choo Mini JJ/S Sunglasses.

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Samuel L. Jackson seen in his 2.5 Eyephorics Eyeglasses



Known for his bad boy and action hero roles in classic Hollywood films that spans several decades, Samuel L. Jackson has become one of the highest grossing movie stars of our time. To some Jackson’s name is synonymous with the cult movie favorite, Snakes on a Plane whereas others will remember Jackson for his role as Mace Windu in the Star Wars franchise. Jackson is seen here wearing the 2.5 Eyephorics Eyeglasses available in 3 different temple versions (Skull,Cable and Wide).

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Sandra Bullock films scenes in her Gucci 3034/S Sunglasses


When: September 15, 2011

America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock sure has a way of connecting to the studio audience. From portraying heart-wrenching moments in dramas such as the Oscar winning 2004 film Crash to laugh out loud moments in The Proposal and the classic Miss Congeniality, Bullock has a way of making everyone fall in love with her characters. Here Bullock can be seen wearing a pair of Gucci 3034/S Sunglasses for her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy in her Academy Award and Golden Globe winning movie, The Blind Side.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Seu Jorge serenades the crowd in his Carrera Endurance/L/S Sunglasses


When: August 17, 2011

Seu Jorge, a Brazilian musician, singer/songwriter and actor is widely credited for his help in bringing Brazilian Samba into the pop culture mainstream. His latest album Seu Jorge and Almaz combines his signature rich baritone voice with the musical skills of three renowned Brazilian artists Pupillo (drummer), Lucio Maia (guitarist) [both members of the legendary band Nacao Zumbi] and Antonio Pinto (bass). In the United States, Seu is best known for his role as Knockout Ned (Mane Galinha) in the Academy Award nominated 2002 film Cidade de Deus (City of God). Here Seu is seen sharing the stage at MSG with Ivete Sangalo while wearing his Carrera Endurance/L/S Sunglasses.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Sarah Jessica Parker filming in her Jee Vice Heated Sunglasses


When: March 1, 2011

America’s favorite New York fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker will forever be known to us as Carrie Bradshaw. Although Sex and the City has wrapped up, Parker can still be seen filming in New York City in her latest comedy, I Don’t Know How She Does It. Seen here in the movie, Sex and the City 2 wearing a Jee Vice Heated sunglasses in orange jubilee.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Sarah Palin: Looking Fantastic in her Juicy Couture Palace/S Sunglasses


When: September 13th, 2010

Sarah Palin found gorgeous sunglasses to explore her biggest asset, the beauty-queen face. She was spotted at the Philadelphia Phillies vs. Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game wearing the Juicy Couture Palace/S sunglasses.

It features a moderate plastic wrap around frame design, a modified rectangular lens shape, and the Juicy logo along the bold temple. Hurry and get yours today at GlassesEtc.com.

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Celebrity Eyeglasses: Sarah Palin’s book; Going Rouge features the former governor in her Kazuo Kawasaki 704 glasses.


When: October 8th, 2009

Set for a November 17th release, Going Rogue: An American Life by Sarah Palin is set to take the nation by storm. Of course, the book’s cover shows the former governor of Alaska in her instantly recognizable Kazuo Kawasaki 704 eyeglasses. Does she look great? You betcha!

Last November, Sarah started a trend in designer eyewear that hasn’t slowed one bit. She wears them in Gray, but there are a variety of other colors to choose from.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Sharon Stone in Christian Dior’s Diorette


When: August 14, 2009

Sharon Stone was recently spotted wearing Christian Dior’s unique Diorette sunglasses. These frames are sure to turn a few heads, and will make you shine as much as Sharon does! These glasses feature a beautiful egg shaped oblique lens and a unique mount creating a truly special look that in unparalleled anywhere else! The Diorette comes in two amazing color options as well!

*NOTE: We are sorry to say that this frame is no longer available.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Supermodel Gisele Bundchen in Dolce & Gabana DG 6016


When: July 31, 2009

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has recently been spotted wearing these classic Dolce & Gabana shades around town. The DG6016 sunglasses are practical and stylish, as the fit perfectly to the face to shade your eyes from harmful rays. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own these beautiful frames in one of four wonderful color options, and bring out your own inner supermodel!

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Celebrity Eyeglasses: Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report Wearing the Kawasaki 631 Rimless Eyeglasses


When: January 8, 2009

Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report is many things: news anchor, comedian, satirist, father, and a fashionista. Years before the Kazuo Kawasaki craze that has swept the nation, Stephen could be seen on his show wearing his Kawasaki 631 rimless eyeglasses. These suave, stunningly fashionable frames are almost as iconic as the man who wears them! For all you who have wondered where you can get your very own “Stephen Colbert” frames, look no further!

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Celebrity Eyeglasses: Sarah Palin’s Kawasaki 704 rimless eyeglasses


When: September 25th, 2008

Sarah Palin the former Republican vice-presidential candidate is seen wearing the “oh so popular” Kawasaki 704 rimless eyeglasses in gray.
Get your own! Kawasaki 704 product details

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