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Jessica Alba Tours Paris in Dior Sunglasses

Jessica Alba was recently seen dashing through the City of Lights wearing a very envy-inducing pair of mirrored Christian Dior sunglasses. The Daily Mail spotted Jessica on the streets of Paris rocking a look that was perfectly polished and deliciously causal in the spring of 2016. Of course, this actress, mom and entrepreneur has an undeniable gift for looking effortlessly stylish whenever the cameras catch her. She chose to make her attention-grabbing sunglasses the crowning feature of an ensemble that included grey skinny jeans, a checkered top and an olive-colored coat. We’re sure the City of Lights looks even more incredible when you’re seeing it through what is being touted as one of the hottest eyewear looks of the season. In fact, people have been scrambling to get their hands on the same shades that are owned by Ms. Alba ever since they were released by the iconic Dior label. Given her love of feminine and fun looks, it should come as no surprise that she chose to treat herself to a pair in the violet/rose gold combo. Jessica’s love of the Dior label is no secret at all. She even posted a photo of her visit to the Dior store in Paris on her Instagram account before leaving the city. The good news is that you don’t have to grab a passport and head to Paris to get your hands on these same stunning sunglasses. You can snag your favorite of the five available color combinations of these Dior sunglasses by ordering them online right here.
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When: March 3, 2016
Where: Paris, France

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