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Reese Witherspoon Wearing Tom Ford FT 0336 Glasses

Reese Witherspoon Does Some Holiday Shopping in Santa Monica Wearing Tom Ford Glasses
Reese Witherspoon looked like the perfect picture of winter in Tom Ford FT 0336 Glasses  as she did some holiday shopping in Santa Monica on Nov. 20 in a fluffy sweater with a very festive snowflake design. The stylish mother of three was likely looking for the perfect presents to surprise her brood with during the holiday season. Reese’s blonde tresses bounced luxuriously over her shoulders as she talked on her phone and balanced shopping bags while darting from store to store. The star brought a touch of Christmas magic to her look with a red purse and red heels. Reese also wore a perfect pair of Tom Ford sunglasses to keep her eyes protected from the bright Santa Monica sun as she shopped on a gorgeous afternoon.
Tom Ford FT 0336 Glasses

When: November 20, 2017
Where: Santa Monica, CA

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